Intel Documents Confirm Dual-Core Cannon Lake CPUs With And Without iGPUs

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A recent publicly released Intel document proves the production of dual-core 10nm Cannon Lake CPUs is already under way.

The document (pictured above) was initially released on February 8th as part of Intel’s Spectre microcode guidance document but was later updated on February 12th and the Cannon Lake entries were removed.

Two Cannon Lake “U” CPUs were listed. The “U” designation is used for mobile Core CPUs since at least the 5th generation so it wouldn’t be wrong to assume these parts are a low-power mobile component.

The “2+2” denotes that one CPU has two CPU cores and a GT2 iGPU. This indicates this chip is a likely next generation replacement for the mobile Core i3 CPUs.

The “2+0(GT0)” denotes that the second CPU has two CPU cores and no iGPU. The lack of an iGPU indicates that this part couldn’t be used in a notebook however it could be paired with a low-power dedicated GPU, such as an NVIDIA MX series GPU.

Intel recently launched the new 8th generation Intel Core processor with Radeon RX Vega M graphics. The new chip is expected to bring improved performance to small form factor devices. It will be interesting to see how the Cannon Lake chips with an iGPU perform in comparison to these Intel/Vega chips.

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